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Dust Collectors(TDC)

Bag type dust collector after 20 years of development of new equipment, as a catcher rating, has sold more than 12000 units. Standardized components, a variety of reliable products based on unique dust structures, and a wide range of ancillary equipment. It is suitable for use in high temperature from room temperature to the number of Baidu, a large quantity from the small amount of 10 cubic meters per minute to tens of thousands of cubic meters, suitable for all kinds of dust. 





Model TDC series
TDC series
Dust collection method Dry
Dust-off method Mechanical shaking type
Features Shaking with electric motor consumes less amount of air.
Consisting of multiple chambers and therefore suitable for fine particles.
Intended use
  • - Fine dust such as fumes from molten materials
  • - Hot gases (230℃) can also be handled.
Operating air flow range 100~2000m3/min
* May be supported on request
Applications Cupola aluminum melting furnaces, electric melting furnaces, gouging, etc.
* Other various applications may also be supported. Please do not hesitate to consult us.


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